Dedication – The key ingredient between you and your goals
I get a lot of calls daily, enquiring about fitness classes “near their house”. They are looking for a easy way out, where they can go within 1 or 2 km near their residence. Today you can’t find a main road in Chennai without a gym or a fitness facility of some sort, unfortunately for you my friend, their methods don’t work. We have a method to our madness, which includes testing your dedication and intensity from Day 1.
Most of these people who call us and ask for classes near my place, or fees before ‘how our classes’ are different, they have one common denominator. They don’t know what they want, they have no goals to achieve. We simply ask them, what’s your goal? They have nothing to tell us, nada, zip, zilch! ZERO answers when you ask about what is your goal? And therein ends the conversation…
We don’t consider people who want classes near their house as ‘serious’ candidates. In our eyes, If they are NOT willing to travel, they have essentially eliminated themselves from the race to achieving their dream physique. Our logic goes like this, you want something bad enough in life? You will work for it and move out of your comfort zone.
You want to participate in a marathon? You will get yourself ready with General fitness and Endurance based training, along with proper running form and shoes. Giving excuses or citing reasons for NOT getting to your goal? Your success or failure becomes your own fault.
Let’s just take a simple example of scouting for schools for your kid, you will always opt for the best school regardless of the distance and fees involved. When you look for a doctor, for an ailment such as diabetes, cancer or heart attack, you will want to be investigated and look up for the best in the field, again. You won’t mind the distance, consulting fee or hospital charges because it is YOUR health at stake.
Our question is simple, why not work on your physique prior to getting a disease, why don’t you prevent it by being strong and fit? Why do you want to be weak, fragile and prone to diseases? Haven’t you read in school, that Prevention Is Better Than Cure? Come to us, train with us, we will make you stronger than you ever imagined… 🙂
These people who give up on their dreams, who are not willing to sacrifice, who are not dedicated – Are the same people who strive to be average, fitting in with the crowd, making up excuses along the way about ‘why’ they failed, instead of writing their own success story on their own terms. You have to set goals, take action (work for it) and then get results. You can NEVER achieve what you want if you don’t put in the work. Let’s get real, wimpy action will lead to wimpy results. Dedicated actions will lead to powerful and life changing results.
Wake up, Let’s get real, The Universe is NOT designed in a way where you will get something for nothing!

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