We are based in Chennai India

Hello fitness enthusiasts,

Thank you for visiting our page. We have shown results for over 4000 clients. Our uniqueness (mentioned below) and happy clients are solely responsible for our enormous success.

Since we have a huge chain of calls everyday and our slots are restricted to 16 per batch, we may not be able to accommodate everyone. This is because we do not want to split the quality nor the attention. So, we are not driven by bigger batch sizes. However, don’t worry! Please fill the application form below and we will get back to you at the earliest. We would love to keep in touch with you to keep you informed about slot availability. All the best! Be fit, fitter and fittest.

Who can attend Bootcamp Chennai?

Those looking for a lifestyle change
If you are bored of the gym and routine workouts
If you are in a sedentary job/occupation
If none of your weight loss efforts have paid off
If you want to taste the real essence of fitness
If you want to see results in the shortest possible time

What makes us unique (Our USP):

World-renowned instructor, J. Keshav. We do not appoint multiple trainers to give varied opinions on fitness and diet. The maximum strength of one batch is 16 members. Quality of training and personal attention is given priority over quantity.

New tasks are designed each day to continuously increase challenges to keep you motivated in the outdoors. There are no repetitions in the schedule. We are absolutely against stencil workouts.

The first 3 classes will be dedicated to the assessment of your fitness (ie. stamina, body fat, muscle fat, water weight, etc.) A Diet chart will then be customized and provided.

You will be merged with a small group shortly after joining, based on your fitness level. The fun element and energy boost will keep you wanting more.

Posture perfection is not a necessity in this form of workout. So you don’t have to be perplexed about it every now and then. We go with the rhythm of your own body movements to avoid injuries.

Weight loss is not our only aim. Applying the triangle of fitness to realize your lifestyle goals is our motive. At the end of 3 months, you will have clarity on what workout and diet are best suited for your body economics.

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